I’m Terrified of Jellyfish

Everything in the ocean baffles my mind. The creatures that live underwater look so bizarre and I really don’t understand how they are living things. But I must say that jellyfish top the list of the most bizarre things in the ocean. They have no bones, no brains, they come in so many sizes, and they all have varying degrees of stings. During my time in Australia, I developed a fear of jellyfish. Australia is home to the kinds of jellyfish that can kill you, so I had reason to be scared. Continue reading


Sandboarding on Moreton Island

Why did I go to Moreton Island?  Specifically because I wanted to go sandboarding.  Like Fraser Island, Moreton Island is made up of sand and it has some spectacular dunes, including the largest sand dune in the world.  A day tour with Moreton Bay Escapes took me sandboarding and to a few other beautiful sites on the island. Continue reading