Reykjavik by night

Arriving at your destination in the middle of the night is never ideal, and is always something I avoid when I travel alone.  But, with only a few hours of darkness in the summer, and Reykjavik being known as one of the safest cities in the world, I wasn’t concerned about it for my trip to Iceland.   Continue reading


Leave No Trace When you Travel

I always thought it was common sense – Respect the world we live in.  When you go camping, when you go hiking, when you are anywhere in nature, always leave it the same way it was when you arrived.  Don’t leave garbage, don’t walk off the path, and respect the areas that are closed off so nature can regenerate itself.  The same thing applies when we travel, but unfortunately not everyone is aware of the impact they can have on our planet.   Continue reading

The must-do tour to see Iceland in a time crunch

If you are in Iceland for a limited amount of time and want to take advantage of a tour to cram in as much as possible, opt for the Golden Circle tour.  This tour will take you to some amazing sights, seeing a snapshot of the natural features Iceland has to offer.  I signed up for my tour with GeoIceland*, a small company, with small tour sizes, and a great overall experience! Continue reading