About Me

Take the pathI have decided to take the plunge and start a travel blog.  I am not a professional writer, nor am I a full-time traveller, but I do manage to get a couple of trips a year under my belt.  I have had some amazing experiences that someone might be interested in reading.  Usually traveling solo, I have visited 13+ countries, been in four time zones over the course of 10 days, seen an active volcano, and gotten up close and personal with sharks.
I love trees, hiking, and am always seeking out the most amazing natural features a new destination can showcase.  Our planet is pretty powerful and beautiful enough to make my jaw drop around every corner.  I explore new cities until my feet hurt and there is the odd time I am up for a good meal.  I want this blog to help you travel.  I’ll write about where I stay, what I do, and my opinion on what was worth my time and money.
This blog is about the places I have been and the experiences I have had.  I always check out blog posts from other travellers to find some unique ideas and insider tips before heading out on my next trip.  I hope my blog will help you find some must-dos on your next vacation.
I hope you enjoy my stories!
Want to follow me on social media?  You can stay up to date with my posts through Facebook.  Many more photos can be found on Instagram, and my Twitter feed is a mix of travel, environmental sustainability topics, and music.
Contact Me!  I’m open to story suggestions and working with the tourism industry to showcase places and experiences around the world.