Sandboarding on Moreton Island

Why did I go to Moreton Island?  Specifically because I wanted to go sandboarding.  Like Fraser Island, Moreton Island is made up of sand and it has some spectacular dunes, including the largest sand dune in the world.  A day tour with Moreton Bay Escapes took me sandboarding and to a few other beautiful sites on the island.

We went sandboarding in The Desert.  All of the gear was supplied.  At that time, the boards were basically planks of wood.  I see that they now have a few more options today, but our planks were fun.  We waxed up the boards, and laid down on our stomachs, face first, and down we went.  We had time to slide down the dunes a few times, but running back up the hill gets exhausting so there comes a point when you will want to stop.  It is important to lift the top of the board as you go down or else you will get a face full of sand!  We were told this at the beginning, but I learned this first hand when I tried to stop at the bottom to avoid running into someMoreton Desertone and was blasted with sand.  Good thing we went swimming afterwards.

But there is more to Moreton Island than sandboarding.  The beaches are beautiful.  You will see coloured sand cliffs as you drive along the coast (driving on sand instead of an actual road), and you can experience the spa-like blue lagoon where the silty sand is a natural exfoliant for Moreton Island Dunesyour skin.  Honeymoon Bay has spectacular rock outcrops and was the perfect place for us to stop for lunch.  There are lookout points across the island where you can’t take enough pictures to capture the true beauty of the view you are seeing.  In the waters around the island you might see whales, dolphins, turtles, or maybe even sharks.

Some of my favourite photos come from the Tangalooma Wrecks, which were deliberately sunk in order to provide a breakwall for small boats.  The clear blue water provides a perfect backdrop to these old boats.  They have also created a mini habitat for some sea creatures and are a good place to snorkel and scuba dive.  It was the last thing we saw as our boat travelled back to Brisbane, and it left a big impression on me!
Moreton Shipwrecks


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